Be a Voice for Jesus


Larry Luther Lambert was born in 1947 in the small rural community of Lamberttown in Georgetown County, South Carolina. The son of the late Luther L. and Mildred C. Lambert, he was raised in church listening to church hymns and southern gospel.
Later in life, he became a member of that same church—Saints Delight Pentecostal Holiness Church—and these musical influences can be heard in his songs. Larry is not only a church member but also actively participates as a Sunday school teacher, choir member, and church elder and has served as a church secretary for 15 years.
In addition to working for some years in Jamaica, Larry has traveled extensively in the Caribbean and Mexico. Some highlights of his travels have been a missionary trip to Russia and a lifelong dream visit to Israel.
On January 2nd, 1995, Larry was involved in a near-fatal automobile accident that changed the course of his life. A few months later, he received salvation and started devoting his abilities, through Jesus Christ, to writing books, poetry, and songs.

Larry writes all his own songs and plays the guitar. To date, he has published 26 albums, which are available on Amazon, Google, iTunes, Spotify, and many more music outlets. He has written over 1,000 more songs, many of which are yet to be published.

Throughout his life, Larry has had numerous creative outlets: photography, painting, and poetry, to name a few. His songs are not only a joy to listen to but also touch the lives of so many. He has created a ministry through his music.

Larry and his wonderful wife, Connie Jo spent almost 52 years together. She was an inspiration for his writing. Sadly, Connie passed away in August of 2021. Larry dedicates his life to his family and seeks to be a servant that serves Jesus in humility, faith, and love, but most of all through his music. Larry wants to show everyone that they can be saved by our Lord Jesus Christ. If you are lost, simply ask Him to be your savior and truly mean it. God will take care of the rest., to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and to the service in which God has directed.

Be A Voice