Be a Voice for Jesus


"When you are familiar with God's anointing, it's easy to recognize. Larry Lambert is an anointed man of God who writes beautiful poetry and songs. He, also, maintains a very high level of integrity that I really respect and admire. I have drawn strength from his work and will continue to do so. Thank you Larry for pouring into me with your God-given talents."
Quinton Mills
- Quinton Mills, Songwriter, Singer, & Evangelist
"Brother Larry is, for sure, a man after God's heart. You can tell by what he speaks through his songs and poems. This book of thoughts from the heart shines light and brings life to your soul... I thank God for Brother Larry."
Jason Crabb
- Jason Crabb, Evangelist & Singer
"Larry Lambert is a True Man of God, not merely by the words that he speaks, but by the actions and deeds that speak for him. May these precious words be shared with many and may God bless him to continue to write for His glory."
Chris Bowder
- Chris Bowder, Pastor of Saints Delight PH Church